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Itoh Denki modules 


F-RAT module  - 90° transfer

Brochure - Tecnical documentation

The F-RAT is a 90° multidirectional transfer unit supplied complete in a highly compact cassette module, that can be easily integrated within the conveyor frame. It requires only a 24VDC supply with 100W. It has a transfer capacity of about 2500 packages/hour, when the transfer rate is at 50% and without making a level change of the transported goods. 



Corresponding circuit board


PM500FE serie
To be programmed with PLC
Controller with integrated transfer program
PM500XP serie
To be programmed with PLC or ASI module


POP-UP module - 45°/30° transfer

Brochure - Tecnical documentation

Itoh-Denki Pop-Up transfer modules use 24V DC Brushless Motorized Roller technology in a very compact « cassette » structure. This makes it easy to integrate into both new and reconditioned conveyors. It can be used on conveyor lines for order picking, distribution or on assembly lines to adapt to your logistics changes.
This diverter module works with three brushless motorized rollers, at very low voltage (24 V DC), without pneumatic or other types of energy. The transfer works using the up and down movement of the wheel deflector. No more than two motors function at any one time, and don’t exceed 147W in nominal operation.