Specialist of motorized rollers and automated systems

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Itoh Denki : Pioneer, developer and leader in motorized rollers and automated systems.


During the last 65 years ITOH DENKI has become recognized throughout the world for the design, manufacture and marketing of motorized rollers and automated systems adapted for the most innovating logistics.


Founded in Japan in 1946, ITOH DENKI has developed and improved its know-how and pionneering leadership in the field of motorized roller technology. ITOH DENKI has diversified its range of products and automated systems, in order to remain at the forefront of innovation in the fields of conveyors and logistic systems.
A philosophy of professional integrity
Animated by its values of loyalty, efficiency and courtesy, Itoh Denki has always maintained a shared trust with its customers, suppliers and employees.



Always at your service

Itoh Denki Group and its distribution network is spread all around the world. All products are developed and industrialized at the headquarters in Japan, and distributed by 4 subsidiaries in France, the USA, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Each subsidiary is responsible for selling products in its area, and to provide localised customer service. The European market is managed by Itoh Denki Europe, with its headquarters in France, where the products are assembled, along with two branch offices in Great-Britain and Germany.





We work for your success


• Pioneer : Since their industrialization in 1975, our research and development center has continued to improve our motorized asynchronous rollers with creative innovation. Itoh Denki was the first company to offer motorized rollers with 24VDC Brushless technology in 1989, and has continued innovating ever since to anticipate your future needs. 
• Leader : Being the only fully autonomous manufacturer of motorized rollers, Itoh Denki manages the entire process from conception to marketing thanks to its know-how and its experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics, automation, and logistics.
• Innovator : Itoh Denki is driven by values of research and innovation, to be able to develop new products that forsee and answer your needs.
• Conscious : Itoh Denki is an environmentally conscious company with ISO 14001 certification. Furthermore we maintain a high level of product quality with our ISO 9001.
• Available : A team of technical salesmen and engineers is ready to recommend the best products for your logistical needs, in a pro-active and timely manner.


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For the last 40 years we have been the proven leader in the development and manufacture of superior motorized rollers and modules. This confidence is based on the component integrity offered by the only sole-source motor and control manufacturer in the industry. 



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