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Driving the futur of intralogistics by constantly improving our existing components and offering new solutions to answer the challenges of tomorrow’s industry. Working on decades of experience and knowledge of the sector and technologies, our teams of ingeniors are currently developping the prototypes presented below.

Multi-directional ball sorter

Prototype: product actually not marketed

Ball sorter

Scalable Rotating ball modules allowing high speed sorting

Using motorized rollers to rotate the balls and transfer totes in any direction.
Driven by motorized rollers only, without any pneumatics, for a throughput of over 4000 totes/h

Free angle adjustement !

SOG, Slide Open Gate module

Easy installation - Safe



24VDC powered MDR eliminating the need for safety guards.

Dual use of Slide Open Gate modules allows forklift access.

Secured flow line and evacuation path.

T-RAT, Tilt Right Angle Transfer

Sorting/diverting on incline/decline conveyor



Gentle transfer to and from incline/decline conveyor with minimum impact on totes.

Allows tote tilt for picking stations.

Weight capacity : up to 30kg

VSS, Vertical Sorting System

Designed to achieve a vertical merge and divert, with increased throughput in a minimum footprint

Vss 400

Prototype: product actually not marketed

High throughput

Up to 2,000 totes/hour

Scalable / minimum footprint

Allows three-dimensional (vertical and horizontal) sorting optimizing its space used.

High performance

Decentralized drive and control incorporating MDR as the master cell.

MCS (Magic Carpet System), multidirectional and multiformat sorting modules

An innovative module solution for sorting loads of all sizes (from 150X150mm) and all formats, such as envelops, plastic bins, cardboard boxes, etc...
The scalable plateform allows for an easy integration on multi channel sorting lines with high speed and flawless simultaneaous sorting.

Prototype: product actually not marketed


Multi-order picking

Multiple types of products regardless of size, shape or material can be successfully singulated, sorted or assorted as specified.

Fully automated modules

Completely pneumatic-less full automation driven by MDR motorized rollers. Reduces total costs with space saving, energy saving, risk prevention and eased operations.

Ultimate autonomous decentralized control with “swarm intelligence”

ITOH DENKI’s unique original control technology with preprogrammed logic. Autonomous conveyance, sorting and direction changes through local decisions.