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Choosing the right braking option for your motorised rollers

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  • May 14, 2024

In automated conveyor lines, it is sometimes necessary to precisely stop or position the article being transferred.
To ensure safety of both the operators and the products, for example on declining lines, the optional POWER MOLLER built-in electromagnetic brake should be used.

When not powered, the built-in electro-magnet uses spring force to lock the motor and prevent the tube rotation.
The motor is released when the brake is powered (energised). Ordinarily, the power to the brake and motor is controlled simultaneously. In most cases, an external mechanical stop can be eliminated by using the POWER MOLLER motorised roller with the built-in brake.
However, the stopping distance may vary slightly depending on different parameters, like the load material load, weight, transfer speed, etc.

Mechanical brake option is available on the PM500FE, PM605FE and PM605KT roller series

In gravity lines, it is often necessary to control the descent of the load to prevent damage to the articles accumulated at the end of the line. In this case, the standard POWER MOLLER can act as a brake roller.
When the rotation speed of the POWER MOLLER is increased by 10-20% from its nominal speed, it functions as an induction generator and braking torque is applied to the load.
By incorporating POWER MOLLERS at several points in a self-traveling gravity line, speeding or congestion of the loads will be prevented.

Braking characteristics vary by POWER MOLLER model and weight transferred.

If you want to make sure you have the right POWER MOLLER for your application, contact us.

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