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MABS - High capacity multi-directionnal diverter

  • Jul 07, 2021

The MABS is the most advanced module in our diverter range. It is exclusively powered by 24Vdc and with its patented rotating ball transfer technology, it is able to divert to 3 exits at 30°, 45° or 90° angles, left and right, with no difference in level between entries and exits. A single set of MABS can achieve throughputs up to 4300 cases/hour (50% tranfer rate at a 45° angle exit), with no shocks to the products. It can handle loads up to 30kg, of a large range of sizes and types. The 20cm thin MABS units exist in a variety of widths and can be combined together to suit the size of the products to transfer. Used in combination with the F-RAT NX on a sortation line, it can unlock higher throughputs at the busiest traffic points on the line.


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