Case study Food packing

Sandriliona – packing and storage lines

Ice cream producer Sandriliona wanted to improve the efficiency of their packing and storage lines. So in 2013 they purchased a motorised roller conveyor from Romanian integrator Self Trust. The solution included 52 low temperature 24v motorised drive rollers and control cards from Itoh Denki. Specially adapted for cold store applications, they are rated down to -30°C.
Being constructed from all-metal components they offer Itoh Denki’s renowned durablity and long life with 20,00 operating hrs and 34,000 hrs MTTF.

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    • Reliable transport of cartons in cold store environment -10°C
    • Increase production capacity
    • Energy efficiency
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    • 46 x 24v motorised rollers series PM500FE-LT double grooved
    • 6 x 24v motorised rollers series PM500FE-LT Poly VG transmission pulleys
    • 52 x control boards CB016P7-LT
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    • Energy efficient, run-on-demand low voltage motorised rollers
    • Durable all-metal construction of internal drive components
    • Low noise operation
    • Low maintenance, long life

Founded in 1946 in Japan, Itoh Denki introduced the first 24v DC brushless motor roller technology in 1989. Through ongoing research and development this technology has culminated in the industry standard Power Moller® range of motorised rollers. Power Moller® drive rollers are uniquely manufacture using allmetal components in a robust construction that ensures long life. Power Moller® drive rollers are available in specially adapted cold store versions for temperatures down to -30°C.

Power Moller® drive rollers are available in specially adapted cold store versions for temperatures down to -30°C.

Optimised gearbox design and shock aborbers results in very low noise operation. Used in conjunction with ConveyXonic® Poly VG transmission belts ensures the roller conveyors will be quiet and maintenance free for years to come. ConveyXonic® power transmission belts have been specially developed by Hutchinson for roller conveyors. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 rib variants they can be used with Itoh Denki 24v Motorised Drive Rollers to transport up to 1 tonne pallet loads. The elasticity of the polyamide cord absorbs shocks and maintains correct tension throughout its installed life. They are available in cold store versions with special rubber compound for temperatures down to -30°C.

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