Specialist of motorized rollers and automated systems

Conveying and Sorting with Motor Driven Rollers (MDR)


Ensuring safety on your lines

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Our products

  • Motorised drive rollers (MDR) and controllers

    A complete range of 24Vdc Motorised Drive Rollers (MDR) and controllers, for performant material handling.
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  • Lateral diverter modules

    Compact and versatile diverter modules for sortation, diverting, buffering, merging.
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  • idPAC - turnkey, flexible conveyor platform

    Pre-assembled and program-embedded modular conveyor platform. Easy to setup, easy to modify, ready for operation.
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About Itoh Denki

As the leading specialist of motorised drive roller (MDR) based material handling technologies, we developp and supply high quality components allowing intralogistic systems OEMs and integrators to design advanced material handling solutions. Loyal to our Japanese root philosophy, we set the satisfaction of our customers as the priority, by offering innovative products, high quality service and short lead times. Itoh Denki Europe is located in France, were all MDR for the EMEA region are carefully assembled and shipped to our customers. In addition, our network of offices and partners spanning across Europe are dedicated to assist you in all your projects.

Our products in action

Efficiency, reliability and flexibility for your intralogistics. From basic conveying to more complex sorting systems, our technologies can be integrated into a vast array of applications and processes, thanks to their versatility and ease of installation.

Discover the applications

They use our products

The turnkey, flexible conveyor plateform

Itoh Denki's flexible conveyor plateform, combining control logic embedded conveyor sections, with an intuitive setup and control software. Easy to set up, easy to modify and expand, quick ROI.


Our teams are always available to answer your questions and help you find solutions to your challenges

R&D - MDR based prototypes

VSS - Vertical Sorting System

Powered by Itoh Denki's 24Vdc MDR, the VSS prototype is a multi-level vertical sorter module used for small to medium size product sortation, buffering or sequencing. The multi-level buffering, compact design and the fully automated retrieval functionality of the VSS allows drastic footprint optimisation.
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